Scientists at The University of Nottingham Find New Layer in Cornea
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 11:04AM
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Ophthalmology recently published a study detailing how scientists at The University of Nottingham found a new layer in the human cornea, which had been unknown the researchers. 

The University of Nottingham reported:

The breakthrough, announced in a study published in the academic journal Ophthalmology, could help surgeons to dramatically improve outcomes for patients undergoing corneal grafts and transplants.

The new layer has been dubbed the Dua’s Layer after the academic Professor Harminder Dua who discovered it.

What makes this discovery groundbreaking is that knowledge of a new layer in the cornea will make procedures affecting this area safer. Professor Dua said the following in a statement:

'From a clinical perspective, there are many diseases that affect the back of the cornea, which clinicians across the world are already beginning to relate to the presence, absence or tear in this layer.'

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