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The Economic Costs of Age-Related Eye Disease

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The American Journal of Managed Care published an online supplement by William J. Cardarelli, PharmD and Roderick A. Smith, MS discussing the current economic effects and costs of eye disease as it related to our aging population in the U.S. Areas covered include Open-Angle Glaucoma, Wet AMD, and Dry Eye Disease.

The authors concluded the following:

The trend of rising costs associated with visual impairment and the treatment of age-related ocular diseases in the United States is having a tremendous impact on patients’ caregivers, third-party payers, and society. These costs will almost certainly continue to increase in the coming decades as the baby boomer generation reaches old age. While new treatments for eye diseases are benefiting thousands of patients, the costs of these treatments are a major cause of concern.

Read the Article: Managed Care Implications of Age-Related Ocular Conditions

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