From the Participants

Our symposia are the cornerstone of our mission to share cutting edge knowledge. Every other year, we convene an intimate gathering of experts in different areas of eye research and ask them to present talks on different areas. Our experts come away resolved to try new treatments and take their labs in exciting directions.

Quotes from previous participants are below.


“I gained several new insights. With small meetings like this one, one has an opportunity to go elbow to elbow with colleagues in a way that is difficult at larger meetings. Without the distraction of a general audience, the insights come from the frank nature of the discussions with colleagues and peers."



David J. Calkins, PhD
Vice Chairman and Director for Research
The Vanderbilt Eye Institute
Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Neuroscience and Psychology Vanderbilt University Medical Center 


 "I really enjoyed the symposium, and I thought it was one of the most productive research gatherings we've had in years. Conference presentations these days are often limited to 5 minutes, which is a real constraint.  The symposium included a strong group of creative scientists and offered enough time to think about how to expand the boundaries of the field.   

For three decades, we've been treating glaucoma by trying to lower eye pressure.  Patients are often frustrated by the indirect nature of glaucoma treatment, and there have been substantial gains in basic research knowledge over the years.  But there's a strategic question of how to take new knowledge and translate it into advances in patient treatment targeting underlying disease mechanisms.  As a society, we'll have to continue investment in both basic science and clinical research, but I believe that taking the time to strategize about how best to move ahead, as we were able to do at the symposium, is a crucial ingredient in making real progress.  As a clinician scientist, it's both gratifying and exciting to have such an opportunity."

Anne L. Coleman, MD, PhD
Fran and Ray Stark Professor of Opthalmology at the Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA
Professor of Epidemiology at the Jonathan and Karen Fielding School of Public Health at UCLA



“One of the things that struck me at this meeting was that the a lot of the data presented were things that I really didn’t know about. You see information coming out in a journal, and by publication time can be a couple years old. What you heard was really up to date information, which was nice.”

W. Daniel Stamer, PhD
Professor of Opthalmology
Duke University



 “I came in with a focused interest and came out reassured that we need to focus on the outflow system of why the pressure goes up, and trying to get novel drugs to treat the outflow system. We don’t have any right now.” 


David L. Epstein, MD
Wadsworth Professor and Chairman of the Dept. of Opthamology
Duke University School of Medicine