Mission & History

The mission of the Ocular Research Symposia Foundation (ORSF) is to accelerate the pace of discovery in diseases of the eye. We seek to accomplish this by sharing ideas, information and findings and promoting translation of these discoveries into preventions, treatments and cures for blinding ocular diseases.

The Drabkin Research Symposia was founded by Robert Drabkin in 2002, with the guidance of the Washington Advisory Group. Robert Drabkin's motivation came from seeing, firsthand, that valuable knowledge in the medical field was not being shared. By organizing highly focused biannual symposia with top national and international experts in eye research, Drabkin has sought to break down silos in the world of scientific research. 

When the Washington Advisory Group closed its offices, in 2011 the foundation entered a new phase of its existence, becoming the Ocular Research Symposia Foundation. In this new form, ORSF has renewed its dedication to finding treatments and cures for blinding ocular diseases.