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OSRF plans programming in two areas: the symposia themselves and targeted outreach to the field through the strategic use of the internetThe symposia will continue the model perfected across the first six symposia. Biannually a small highly select group of experts in a particular area of basic Vision Research and in Clinical Ophthalmology will be invited to come together over a day and a half, first to review the most current scientific advances, and then, with the extended luxury of extended private time, to identify those avenues that could directly lead to a viable disease treatment. A summary document is then written and distributed to all stakeholders in the funding area – government agencies, academic departments and individual investigators. This document then can be used as a “roadmap to a cure”, i.e., a clear, logical path to a treatment for a major blinding condition. Funding therefore can best be focused on the projects of highest payoff. Use of the internet is dedicated first to extending both the findings of the symposia to the field worldwide, as well as to stimulate further discussion and evaluation among clinicians and researchers. The ultimate vision of the Foundation’s website is that it will evolve into one of the primary “go to” sites for the latest trends in treatment and research, and be a basic touchstone for everyone involved on the front lines of care and research.