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Core content for the website will draw upon the symposia themselves. In advance of each symposium, a full agenda and participants would be posted, by way of alerting the field to key opinion leaders convening on a particular priority area and exploring its various trends in research and treatment. After each symposium, all findings and papers would be published for free with unrestricted access by any registered visitor to the website. Additionally, several efforts will be made to pro-actively engage both the field and the public on a regular on-going basis:

  • email lists will be maintained and used for periodic eblasts from symposium participants with updates in their areas of expertise;
  • monthly articles would be commissioned from symposia faculty member/participants providing them an opportunity to explore in greater detail aspects of their particular areas of interest;
  • a bulletin board/exchange between physicians and researchers would promote ongoing dialogue and critical discussion about various new treatment approaches – and all of this would also be available to visitors from the public with a personal interest in eye diseases.